The idea to produce the Trafalgar Smokehouse site was to give users the opportunity to buy fish and produce from their fantastic selection at the farm.

Trafalgar Smokehouse -

Photography was key to getting the site up and running. We spent 3 days solid taking images of all the fish that are for sale and other shots which were used on the site. The aim was to take beautiful images of the fish leaving people hungry for more!

With the help of a food artist, each product had 3 sets of images, 1 of the raw product in a lifestyle scene, and 2 prepared meals, as well as close up detail shots. 

The Trafalgar Smokehouse brand and website, along with all those big, colourful, beautiful images looks delicious. 

The images are pin sharp so you can see the quality of the food, and the inclusion of the cooking materials to go alongside really helps get the imagination going. Mission accomplished.