Once you’ve got your website to the first page of the Google results pages, you want your potential customer to be interested enough to stay. You want them to access your products easily and you need them to connect with you immediately. What’s the best way to show modern internet users everything that is wonderful and good about you? In a video of course. 

Video within websites is a trend that’s really picking up speed: fewer words and more images makes accessing your message and brand much easier for your users. And, for the same reason, using video for all aspects of your business is an excellent idea:

Product showcase

Give your customers the grand tour of your offerings by putting short videos of the products in their fully functioning glory up alongside photos and product description.

Giant Peach


About Us

When potential clients visit your page, show them around with a video – our GP video shows our busy office, our team chatting and sharing ideas, having lunch together. You can really get across the atmosphere of a company with a high quality film.

Salisbury GlassPersonnel Placements


 Break it up

Pitches, award submissions and presentations – situations that usually call for wordy documents or standing in front of a room with a slideshow can all benefit from a bit of moving imagery. We used a short film to submit Dawn’s Wirehive 100 Account Manager nomination. Apple used short videos in their recent live events to set the scene and illuminate technical details.

Dawn WirehiveWiltshire Air Ambulance



Snackable content has become a great way to give your viewers a quick hit of something tasty. ‘Snackable’ because it’s just a little bite of something to get you through till the next big mealtime (still following?), these titbits are short and sweet and can either convey a bit of info or tell you a bit more about the company. Vids are a perfect way to give your audience a little bite of your peach