We’re getting geared up for the next Giant Peach Soak event, this time held at the idyllic Beechfield House, on the 18th November. We’re starting early at 8.30 and, after we've taught you how to navigate the minefield of SEO and content marketing, we’ll enjoy some delicious refreshments, of course.

Book your tickets soon though; our events are always a sell-out. Wanna know why? Because we have an excellent team of organisers and planners, furiously organising and planning down to the minutiae for your event-attending pleasure.



Events are an excellent way to share knowledge, get to know your audience and have something to talk about on the blog and industry news. But you’ve got to get them right and that means three things: planning, planning and, yep you’ve got it, planning. So we asked the GP events team for their standout tips:

Thinking ahead

The biggest piece of advice in event planning is start early. Things to consider when planning your event:

  • Audience availability. Avoid holding your event on a date when most of the industry is tied up with other things e.g. known busy periods/school holidays/end of financial year/industry award night etc
  • Venue booking (good venues get booked up so nail that one down asap)
  • Invites and PR (give your guests enough time to plan their outfit)
  • Guest speakers/MCs (good ones get booked up quickly)
  • Entertainment
  • Refreshments
  • Presenters (whoever’s doing the talking will want to prepare as much as possible)

Compelling content:

Like your website or blog, if you’re planning a knowledge-sharing event, think about the kind of thing that your audience is interested in. Unlike your website or bog, you might be asking your audience to pay to view this content so you need to think about what will attract them with an angle that they can’t just access online.

Staying on-brand

Your event should reflect your brand. Suddenly veering off-brand with any aspect is damaging to your persona e.g. serving pizza and crisps if you’re trying to project class and sophistication; holding your event at a ritzy hotel nightclub if you’re a family lawyer; getting a risqué young comedian to MC if your audience is that of an older, more traditional persuasion. Invites, promo, entertainment, refreshments, venue, speakers, signage, decoration – keep asking yourself if it’s in line with who you are.


Before: If you build it…you also need to tell them about it. Have a plan of attack – when to send out the promo emails, when to send out the invites, when to tweet etc.

During: Encourage your audience to turn their mobiles ON – having them live tweeting/instagraming/facebooking the event is free advertising and instant feedback. Document the event – take pics and videos during the event that you can use on social media and press releases.

After: We used to send out copies of slidepacks after events, and audience members would be furiously scribbling notes, but filming presentations is an excellent way to remind attendees of what they saw.

If you want to know more about our events, or about planning your own event, tweet us @giantpeach