Okay so we’re always bangin’ on about photos aren’t we? Let’s recap: big, bold images are de rigeur, visitors love a pic, high quality images are crucial, stock images are a no, just no.

This week we thought we’d give you a taster of our portfolio so you get an idea of what kind of images you want on your site. Our photographer Ryan took these beauties. Let’s take a little stroll through a visual wonderland…


Potential clients love browsing photos of people so it’s a great idea to have a meet the team page. This is often the first time they come face-to-face with your business so your photos should be welcoming and on-brand:

Tell your story

Don’t just go for stock images of your workspace, or use your product pictures. Let your images tell your story. Check out these guys, look at them go…

Personality and PR

Professional event photos are invaluable. This is Team Super during our charity fundraising day for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Professionally staged and photographed images like this one allow you to promote your activities and events in articles, press releases, newsletters, posters, blogs, social media and on your website.

Check out our top tips for using photography online and have a chat to Ryan if you want a bit of advice or support.