Card Design

Card based design isn’t a new trend per se, but we think it’s a UI we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2015. We like it ‘cause it’s got that clean, minimal look that displays a lot of content in a simple way. It works really well on responsive sites due to it being easily ordered in terms of layout.

The emergence of card-based layout goes hand in hand with the ever-increasing need for snackable content. Bitesized pieces of info on the surface, enticing you to take a second look. Joey used it on the Nevs site last year and it went down a treat.

Material Design

2014 was the year of ‘flat design’. Apple led the charge and the rest of us followed suit. But 2015‘s the year of Google’s ‘material design’. Material design is a language that’ll see developers taking design back to its classic principles – Google have quoted ‘paper and ink’ as inspiration for the advancement – with the idea that UI is improved.

‘…Fundamentals of light, surface, and movement are key to conveying how objects move, interact, and exist in space and in relation to each other. Realistic lighting shows seams, divides space, and indicates moving parts…’

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Something our designer Pete’s been working with for a while is using SVG. SVG is a vector file type, meaning that shapes resize automatically without any loss in quality (i.e. photographs have a maximum resolution, vectors don't) so scalability between say mobile and desktop isn't an issue, which is excellent news if you’re into new and improved screenage.

Pete says: ‘Responsive websites are a modern day necessity; Scalable Vector Graphics coincide as designers' require versatile graphics that adapt to the range of screens. Using XML code to draw shapes rather than a fixed set of dots allows seamless scaling of graphics without loss of quality.’ 

Video marketing

Last year video proved its worth but 2015 is the year to act on it. We’re big advocates of video in all spheres of marketing. We’re using video to introduce products, to showcase our culture, to promote business, to share our good news and as alternatives to filling in forms.

Part of the big, bold background images is background video. It’s already kicked off across the more savvy of businesses and it can only continue with user’s preferences of less text, more images prevailing. 

Big, bold images

I’m not sure we can say more about this. They’re here to stay. Use them.