Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? We do, which is why it gives us great pleasure to announce (cue drum roll) that the White Horse Surveyors’ shiny new website is now live. And doesn’t it look Peachy?

Meeting the objectives

We may be a friendly, chatty bunch, but we’re all ears when it comes to our clients and what they want to achieve. So, when White Horse Surveyors told us their vision for their new website, we were on it like a car bonnet. As well as fulfilling their key objective to gain more business from private individuals, the website needed to ensure they stood apart from their competitors, whilst illustrating their friendly, independent service.

How we achieved this

We love working closely with our clients and when they’re receptive to our ideas it means less restrictions on the design and functionality. And with White Horse Surveyors it was smooth running all the way.

We created a Meet the Team section which effectively puts faces to names, whilst providing a little insight into what makes every individual of the team tick. From the company’s Top Dog, Managing Director Chris, to the office dog, Dash, every team member has their own photo with a clever rollover feature to reveal a fun aspect of their personality. We love how this injects a little fun, whilst retaining the company’s professionalism.

Google maps integration was also high on the must-have list to provide a facility which enables users to Find a Surveyor in their area. Our coder, Rob, relished the challenge of creating the surveyor map, complete with markers and built-in contact forms. He also enjoyed building the quote calculator. Don’t ask.

Our suggestion of an FAQs section effectively resolved the issue of general enquiries, providing an online resource that can be easily accessed by the user 24/7.

Delivering the goods

Without sounding too smug, we’re chuffed with the end result - a freshly designed responsive website with a modern UX incorporating the newest online technologies and a new look to boot – and so is the client. Happy Days.

As for our designer, Pete, he’s still enjoying the micro interactions designed to integrate seamlessly into the UX, but also loves how the clean, professional and modern design conveys the personality of the client and sets them miles apart from their competition. And in case you’re wondering, Rob particularly likes the design, overall usability, easy access to information, surveyor map and quote form.

Why not take a butcher’s at our portfolio and then get in touch to find out how we can meet your objectives? 

White Horse Surveyors Launch