It’s here! The big day has arrived. We’ll be online from just before 6pm watching the event as it unfolds. Join us on Twitter@giantpeach #AppleEvent.

SO without further ado – let’s go!



Representing from Team GP are:

Ryan Tabor, Photography

Ryan’s obviously going to be interested in all things visual this evening (updated camera and video capability, retina screens, how multimedia is used during the launch) but he’s also interested in how Apple are planning to move away from the other big players in the browser arena with Safari and Yosemite.

Chris Bratherton, Developer

Chris was part of the beta testing group for Yosemite so he’s already been musing on the evolution and advancements that we can expect tonight. This evening Chris has unavoidable sous chef duties at Bratherton Manor but, unable to resist the Apple lure, he’ll be watching and chiming in with his observations (in between chopping and stirring).

Emma Brammer: Copy & Content

Not quite a full-time Peach (off having babies and such), Emma’s a regular contributor at GP HQ. Our go-to when we need a juicy bite of copy or a snappy snack of content, tonight Emma’ll be watching for the big Apple messages and keeping an eye out for implications for your businesses. She’ll also be asking Chris and Ryan what the heckins is going on if it all gets too technical.