Rumours of gigantic iPads and actual televisions abound yesterday as we eagerly awaited the Apple October launch event. Beaming live from Cupertino, Apple’s Californian HQ, we joined the Apple guys as they unveiled their new hard and soft wares to a captive audience. Glued to our devices, we watched events unfold and were live blogging every minute.

So what were the big headlines from our perspective?


Ryan counted 5 ‘classic Apple videos’. Each significant section of the presentation was headed up with a beautifully-shot short film that explained what was going on and set up the next bit of the event. As we’re increasingly seeing, video is an excellent alternative to lots of text or a wordy presentation. It appeals to most people regardless of their communication preferences because it uses story-telling to make a point. The Apple presentations, with so much data and technical information could have tended towards being pretty dry and hard-to-follow without these vids to support them.

Working Together

One of the main messages from last night’s event was the symbiosis of the iOS devices e.g. the ability to answer your calls and text on your MacBook; to ‘favourite’ photos on your iPad and have them appear on your iPhone; to be able to view the tabs you have open across all your devices and being able to control your presentation from your Apple Watch. The integration of all your Apple products was a big theme and something that’s made easier with the evolution of their operating system, Yosemite.


We knew this was going to be a biggie in terms of the hoo-ha and we weren’t wrong. Streamlining and integrating, the new operating system is boasting the most beautiful and simple browsing capabilities. The guys on stage talked a lot about how easy and powerful things would be with a Safari fuelled on Yosemite. We’re looking forward to getting to grips with it.


Well, when the new 5k retina iMac slinked onto the stage Ryan and Chris were swooning, (Ryan had a little meltdown in fact). If this product had been ready to ship and Apple Pay (more on that story later) dealt in the currency of souls Ryan would have bought one there and then. All the new Apple products had something to offer in terms of stunning visuals in fact. The iPad Air 2 was showing off its camera (Ryan’s already pretty impressed with his iPhone 6 camera); the 5k retina display was knocking everyone off their feet and the chaps from Replay showed us how we can utilise all those vids we have lying around in our iCloud.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Throughout the launch there was a lot of talk about how much more powerful these new devices are. They work harder, they make things look more beautiful, they’re thinner (the iPad Air 2 is just 6.1mm, 18% thinner than the last one – they shaved a pencil to demonstrate that), they’re faster and they all work together to make things easier for users.

We’re seeing barriers coming down as technology marches on towards using one device to rule them all. Interactions can happen quicker – all your information can be accessed no matter what phone, tablet or laptop you’re using. For us, we’re excited about being able to do business faster and more simply with integrated devices, we’re excited about being able to develop apps for and customise the Apple Watch and we can’t wait to utilise those retina screens with big images and photos on our clients’ sites. We’re a bit peeved there was no Apple TV or iPad Pro, but we are looking forward to seeing how business relationships evolve and communication adapts, as it always does when Apple decides to set the pace.  

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